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Imagine a morning in your apartment. The sun's rays touch the bed tremulously, linen curtains sway in the wind, velvet clouds float behind the panoramic windows, the sea wakes up under the cries of seagulls. To go out to the balcony, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the moment. Fill your life with such mornings in three-room apartments in the ART KVARTAL City Space.

Appearance of three-room apartments of ART KVARTAL City Space

If you want to create comfortable conditions for all family members and prefer to stay at the epicentre of secular, business and cultural life of the city, it will be the best to purchase 3-room apartments in the ART KVARTAL. The floor space varies within 82.43–96.29 sq.m. The ceiling height is 2.7 meters. Panoramic glazing ensures optimal insulation. The layout includes two spacious bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, balcony, bathroom and lavatory. Besides, there are two-level three-room apartments with a dressing room.

It is possible to equip a parent’s bedroom and creative kid’s room with zones for sports, games and creativity. There is plenty of space to plan a cabinet with innovative technology such as the Apple iMac, smart lamp and humidifier, game space with board games and PlayStation. In the living room you can implement your dreams of own art gallery. It will be a nice place for exchanging news and discussing plans for the future.

Balconies of three-room apartments can be decorated with flowers; you also can put wicker chairs and add pillows with floral prints. The area for outdoor yoga is also a winning option.


The multifunctional neighbourhood is created for a comfortable life, networking, communication, bright leisure and implementation of business ideas. The ART KVARTAL will include a residential, commercial, entertainment, cultural and social components.

Your baby will enjoy a carefree childhood in the ART KVARTAL City Space!We provided a child development centre and play club in the territory of the neighbourhood so that your child grows smart and creative. A large space with playgrounds and places for walks is foreseen for fun and activities. It will always be comfortable and safe with "no cars in the yard" concept.

You can find out the actual prices and terms of purchasing three-room apartments in the multifunctional neighbourhood ART KVARTAL City Space at the Sales Department. Please contact us!