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Developers of Art Kvartal City Space restore ark of shipyard

Within the frameworks of construction of a multi-functional neighbourhood Art Kvartal City Space, the SAGA Development together with their partners the Perfect Group and the Citex Development are restoring an arch at the entrance to the territory of the former shipyard.

Developers of Art Kvartal City Space restore ark of shipyard | ART KVARTAL

An ancient construction is located on Marinesko descent and belongs to one of the landmarks of Odesa. It was built in 1930 and beautified the main entrance to workshops of the Bellino-Fenderich factory, and later, the entrance to the shipyard. After closing the workshops, the arch remained an adornments of the area but nowadays it is nearly destroyed. The construction has number of cracks, the basis of columns and the bas-relief on the upper part of the construction are heavily damaged. One of the bas-reliefs is completely lost.

For saving the historical significance of Odesa, the developers of the Art Kvartal City Space project have already started restoration works. They have installed the scaffolding by the arch and demounted “Industry” bas-relief known to the Odesites as a copy of the Brussels high relief “Monument of Labour”. It will be restored and returned back to its place. The second bas-relief will be fully recreated by specialists.

The architectural style, finish, colour and patterns of the ancient construction will be completely renewed.

The restauration of the arch will last about 2 months, so, very soon the Odesites will see the landmark of the city again.

Photograph: Dumskaia

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