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Developers of ART KVARTAL City Space restored arc of ship-repair yard

We love Odesa and we want it to become better. We want it to grow, develop and multiply its landmarks. However, we are sure that before constructing something new and significant, it is necessary to preserve the legacy being the part of history of the city. That is the very principle we are being guided by when implementing the ART KVARTAL City Space – a joint project of the Perfect Group, Citex Development and Saga Development.

Developers of ART KVARTAL City Space restored arc of ship-repair yard | ART KVARTAL

We have restored the arc at the entrance to the former ship-repair yard, on the territory of which we are constructing a new multifunctional district. We have repaired the facade of the old construction and renewed the “Industry” bas-relief, known by Odessa residents as a copy of the high relief of Brussel “Monument of Labour”. Another modelled bas-relief having been lost after closing the repair yard, was completely replicated by the specialists and garnishes one of the columns of the arc again.

Building of the old construction is dated 1930. In the time of operation of the enterprise it garnished firstly the main entrance of the workshops of Bellino Fenderich plant and then the entrance to the ship-repair yard. After closing of the workshops, the arc was ruined step by step: cracks appeared there; the fundament and top of the columns were damaged.

After two months of works, reconstruction was finished. Odessa residents may already assess the final result, and those who remember the arc from the soviet times, may compare its external appearance.

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