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How to Save and Accumulate Funds? Purchase Property in ART KVARTAL City Space

Can't decide between a bank deposit and a real estate investment? We recommend the second option, as investing in square meters has always been and remains an alternative way of saving and raising money. Especially in the ART KVARTAL City Space! Conceptual project design, location in the resort city and functional diversity of the infrastructure ensure high investment attractiveness of both apartments and commercial premises.

How to Save and Accumulate Funds? Purchase Property in ART KVARTAL City Space | ART KVARTAL

Purchasing property in the ART KVARTAL City Space is most profitable at the initial stage of construction. Purchasing apartments in the groundbreaking stage, you will be able to sell them at 40% more expensive than the original cost after commissioning the building. That is, estimated revenue will be almost half of your investment. Apart from resale, apartments by the sea are a good source of passive income. In Odessa, lease of real estate is in high demand both among those who come to the city for business and among tourists.

To make your money work for you and generate a guaranteed return, it is advisable to consider another option — investing in commercial premises. Estimated rental income will be as high as 10% per annum, which will, of course, give you a quick return on your money. The ART KVARTAL City Space has a large choice of facilities and destinations for the neighbourhood's internal infrastructure development.

The new neighbourhood is being built near the sea and will be a rethinking of approaches to the territory development. Instead of the former shipyard, there will appear modern buildings of various heights and functional purposes. In the centre of the neighbourhood there will be a square — one of the most popular places in Odessa. The residents of the ART KVARTAL City Space, locals and visitors of the city will take a walk here. The facades of commercial premises designed for cafes, restaurants, shops, coworkings, a gallery will overview the square. The points of attraction will be the street food market, the market with the freshest farm products, places for sports and children's leisure. All this will be against the background of the location in the resort part of the city, the territory accessibility for everyone and well-thought-out transport infrastructure. The inner territory is closed to cars; the neighbourhood provides underground and guest ground parking.

You can find more details about the ART KVARTAL City Space and the profitability of investing in its real estate in the Sales Department at: 63/65 Frantsuzskyi Boulevard.

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