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How Zhanna Liaburb public garden will look like after renovation

Plus one place for walking and leisure for the residents of the ART KVARTAL City Space! Zhanna Liaburb public garden located not far from the district will become a new public space with a modern playground and a recreational area for parents. Such main directions of renovation of the territory were presented by the winners of the open architectural competition in Odessa.

How Zhanna Liaburb public garden will look like after renovation | ART KVARTAL

In December last year, Odessa City Council announced the best concept of improvement of Zhanna Liaburb public garden competition – green hills in the very centre of the city between Zhvanetskyi Boulevard and the harbour. After consideration of around 30 entries, the award went to the “Step to the Sea” project – collaboration between the Space Odyssey Architects architectural bureau, the Kotsiuba landscape studio and urbanist Oleksandr Horeniuk.

According to their concept Zhanna Liaburb public garden will be converted into the modern folk park and become a green corridor which will connect different districts of the city. Cafes, sports and children’s playgrounds, skate park and water shoots will appear there. A separate zone will be equipped for parents. Observation sites will become the peculiarity of improvement of the park.

The proposed programme should solve the main problems of the territory. Today it is an abandoned area with a heap of rubbish. It is difficult to reach another part of the city from the public garden. A lot of planted lands need to be preserved.

After a set of measures to be done, Zhanna Liaburb public garden will become a favourite resort of the residents of Odessa. See the details of improvement on the web-site of the public garden.


Photo: Khmarochos

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