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Commercial real estate

ART KVARTAL is a multifunctional residential quarter with a large number of commercial premises.

It is located in the central part of Odessa, which makes its commercial real estate an attractive investment object. The demand for high-quality non-residential premises in the city center greatly exceeds supply, which contributes to the constant growth of their value.

Forming a harmonious ecosystem of ART KVARTAL, we carefully think over its components designed to meet the needs of both the residents of the quarter and those who will regularly visit it - for business purposes, for the sake of recreation, entertainment and shopping.

Commercial real estate | ART KVARTAL
Commercial real estate #2 | ART KVARTAL

Office rooms

Commercial real estate #2 | ART KVARTAL

Retail space

Commercial real estate #2 | ART KVARTAL

Cafe, restaurants

Commercial real estate #2 | ART KVARTAL

Street food market

Commercial real estate #2 | ART KVARTAL

A fitness center

Commercial real estate #2 | ART KVARTAL

Child Development Center

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Are you going to purchase non-residential premises in the ART KVARTAL City Space? We can recommend the most promising business:

  • Fine dining restaurant, boutique cafe or trendy bar. To run into a coffee shop to enjoy almond milk coffee, exchange business ideas with like-minded people at breakfast or lunch, arrange a romantic date – it's hard not to visit a trendy establishment that is situated within arm’s reach.
  • Show-room with the stylist’s services. Taking into account the dynamic life rhythm, the opportunity to organize shopping therapy without spending a lot of time on the road to the show-room is very valuable.
  • Detox centre. Healthy lifestyle is a global trend that has been clearly observed in Ukraine in recent years. The residents of the ART KVARTAL City Space are people who don't care what to eat and how much to move.
  • Delicatessen shop will come in handy when you're waiting for a special guest.
  • Yoga studio. It will be ideal to begin and end a day with yoga.
  • Educational centre. Language courses, finance, eloquence training are particular actual trends today.

Non-residential premises in the ART KVARTAL is profitable investment:

  • Perfect location. The multifunctional neighbourhood is being built in the heart of Odesa, 5 minutes by car from Derybasivska Street. Prymorskyi district has a developed transport network.
  • Possibility to be closer to your target audience. The residents of the ART KVARTAL City Space will become your regular customers. Extensive pedestrian traffic will contribute to the success of the project.
  • Upscale offer – ergonomic layouts, panoramic windows for optimal insulation.

Find out the actual prices and terms of purchasing commercial real estate in the multifunctional neighbourhood ART KVARTAL City Space at the Sales Department. Contact us!